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Votes: 348
Everybody knows Worms game. Warmux - is worms in the original style for Symbian (the only difference is that in this game you will observe different heroes instead of worms). Equip yourself and attack! Huge weapons arsenal. Beautiful graphics, many levels, you can change any settings from music to graphics and of course your favorite gameplay are waiting for you!
Views: 158 433
Popularity: 30 383
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 332
You have a chance to play Farm Frenzy 2 game in high quality! This is the continuation of the hit with funny graphics and nice gameplay. Feed hens, water grass and collect eggs and then sell everything at the market. For the money earned you can buy additional buildings and produce food and half-finished products. Watch the bears which attack your farm, otherwise you will not get fresh milk and eggs.

Features of the game Farm Frenzy 2:
  • 5 additional ingredients to be bought at the city market
  • four kinds of animals
  • 12 types of buildings (3 levels of upgrade)
  • 16 products which can be received
  • 19 prizes for your work
  • Four additional buildings with three upgrades for each
Views: 199 695
Popularity: 56 352
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 61
Romance of Rome gives you an opportunity to visit a legendary Roman Empire. Love and betrayal, adventure and danger are waiting for you in this wonderful game. Visit every corner of ancient Rome, the Colosseum, Forum and others. Collect hidden objects, earn money, unlock trophies in order to gain love of Romans.

Complete all adventures and reveal the most mysterious secret, win the heart of Roman Emperor’s daughter!
The genre of this game involves search of different objects.

Game features:
  • 30 wonderful levels
  • 17 breathtaking locations
  • 7 fascinating episodes
  • Hidden objects
  • More than 24 trophies
  • Earn money to buy clothes and different inventory
Views: 50 830
Popularity: 9 198
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 15
The plot of the game is very simple, but the game process is really fascinating. Once there lived two warriors, each of them had an old but really good tank. They just cold not pass one by another, this led to a friendly duel. You need to shoot at your opponent from your tank and try to destroy your enemy. He will try to do the same. Do you think it’s easy? It’s not! One time you shoot too close, the other time you shoot too far, you must be careful so as your tank did not get into a hole. Go ahead and destroy the tank of your opponent!
Views: 16 489
Popularity: 1 976
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 234
This is the first program to create games of the real time strategy genre (RTS). You are offered to make a clone of the world known game of this genre - War Craft 2. There are all functions and resources of War Craft 2, which caused frictions with Blizzard company. This program was called FreeCraft before, but after Blizzard interference the authors changed its name for Stratagus.

Stratagus gives you opportunity to create absolutely your game of this genre according to the principle "you have a game in which you can change anything": starting with sprites and your opponents’ intellect to everything else. There is a build-in map editor which allows you to make your own maps. This is a rather good program for creating games. There are many games in the Internet which are made on the basis of this principal. High screen resolution, audio, video support.
Views: 186 947
Popularity: 29 195
Download free sis games for Symbian.
RPG   Strategy  
Votes: 190
Magic is a cornerstone in the world of AoM.
There are six schools of magic in total: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. You cannot study two opposite schools, for example if you know the magic of darkness, you cannot study the magic of light. Initially each race has capability to some certain school of magic. For humans it is magic of water, for elves – light, for necromancers – darkness, for barbarians –fire and so on. You can get spells in the magic guilds in cities or in the magic towers which you can see on the map. There are 5 levels of spells in total, the higher the level is, the greater effect is, the higher cost and requirements for study are.
Views: 177 174
Popularity: 24 308
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 107
Explore the mysterious land of Kalevala. Choose your favorite character and bring your people to the bright new future in Kalevala land. New fascinating match-3 mechanics, upgrades for a character, big resources to settle the village, all this will give you many hours of joy. Feel a unique gameplay of the hand made levels. Build your own village in the deserted place and watch it flourishing and getting rich.
Views: 106 771
Popularity: 16 140
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 265
The Settlers – is a real time strategy game having a fascinating historical game story. It was released under the license from UbiSoft and produced by Gameloft. The explorers of new lands were wrecked near the lost island. They decided to settle there. Build a medieval city, develop it. Create your own economy, take advantage of the resources and develop crafts. But remember that you are not alone on that island! Citizens will have to reflect the attacks of Ragnok tyrant and his Vikings army.
Views: 231 260
Popularity: 17 778
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 20
In Dune: The battle for Arrakis you will become the master of Arrakis planet. Construct different machinery and hire soldiers to reflect enemy attacks and fight against giant sand worms.
Views: 22 035
Popularity: 2 002
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 124
Worms World Party - is a well known game about worms which was ported from PC. Defeat your opponent’s team with the help of good weapons arsenal.
Views: 83 594
Popularity: 18 221
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