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Votes: 629
Commandos - the events take place during the World War II, in the rear of German troops. You lead a small detachment. Each of its members specializes in a certain area.

Game features:

  • 7 unique characters
  • 5 big missions
  • Many weapons and ammunition units
  • Wide strategy opportunities
Views: 295 353
Popularity: 72 615
Download free sis games for Symbian.
RPG   Strategy  
Votes: 190
Magic is a cornerstone in the world of AoM.
There are six schools of magic in total: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. You cannot study two opposite schools, for example if you know the magic of darkness, you cannot study the magic of light. Initially each race has capability to some certain school of magic. For humans it is magic of water, for elves – light, for necromancers – darkness, for barbarians –fire and so on. You can get spells in the magic guilds in cities or in the magic towers which you can see on the map. There are 5 levels of spells in total, the higher the level is, the greater effect is, the higher cost and requirements for study are.
Views: 177 174
Popularity: 24 308
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 124
Worms World Party - is a well known game about worms which was ported from PC. Defeat your opponent’s team with the help of good weapons arsenal.
Views: 83 594
Popularity: 18 221
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 265
The Settlers – is a real time strategy game having a fascinating historical game story. It was released under the license from UbiSoft and produced by Gameloft. The explorers of new lands were wrecked near the lost island. They decided to settle there. Build a medieval city, develop it. Create your own economy, take advantage of the resources and develop crafts. But remember that you are not alone on that island! Citizens will have to reflect the attacks of Ragnok tyrant and his Vikings army.
Views: 231 260
Popularity: 17 778
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 234
This is the first program to create games of the real time strategy genre (RTS). You are offered to make a clone of the world known game of this genre - War Craft 2. There are all functions and resources of War Craft 2, which caused frictions with Blizzard company. This program was called FreeCraft before, but after Blizzard interference the authors changed its name for Stratagus.

Stratagus gives you opportunity to create absolutely your game of this genre according to the principle "you have a game in which you can change anything": starting with sprites and your opponents’ intellect to everything else. There is a build-in map editor which allows you to make your own maps. This is a rather good program for creating games. There are many games in the Internet which are made on the basis of this principal. High screen resolution, audio, video support.
Views: 186 947
Popularity: 29 195
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 159
«Revival» is a step by step strategy game of the military-constructive character in the best traditions of the game «Civilization» which is known all over the world. You are going to explore continents, fight for new areas on the ground and in the sea, build cities, develop science, supply economic balance of your empire.

Game features of Revival:

  • The game is made in best traditions of «Civilization» strategy game
  • Full-fledged strategy gameplay: step by step tactics, natural resources production, construction of cities, upgrade of buildings, growing skills of soldiers
  • Modern economic model: you can buy and sell anything
  • Limitless playing world: 7 planets, 27 continents
  • Campaigns with a plot for 13 missions, more than 40 playing hours
  • Detailed training campaign
  • Good sense of humor of the instructor
  • Developed artificial intelligence, you can choose the difficulty level, up to 7 computer enemies at the same time
  • Views: 134 275
    Popularity: 24 735
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 122
    «Hi there. I’ve got some job for you. Nothing special – a kind of robbery of the jewelry shop. And also would be good to visit one antique dealer and “have a look at his collection” … So, are you with us?»

    We do not call to law infringement, do not teach how to take money from people in a correct way, do not give advice how to become rich very fast… We only represent «Stolen In 60 Seconds» — you have never played this kind of game before for sure!
    Views: 63 397
    Popularity: 5 943
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 20
    Worms - is the first game of the Worms series. Good graphics, wonderful level maps and surrounding landscapes. Numerous passes, empty places, traps, and worms destroying each other!

    Game features:

    • Up to 4 teams with 4 worms
    • 10 types of levels
    • Wide range of weapons
    Views: 24 125
    Popularity: 3 869
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 133
    This is a strategy game which will plunge you into the world of the Wild West! Build a city for your citizens, make a camp and create new society, collect valuable resources and defend your city from the attacks of the bandits. You will be offered 4 locations and more than 20 levels! Create and change cities in the way you like using more than 25 types of constructions and attract new citizens to your settlements. Complete extra missions.
    Views: 108 858
    Popularity: 22 882
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 100
    Reflect the attacks of your enemies! The task is very easy – you must prevent the enemies from getting through your gates. For this you will be offered a real weapons arsenal and you will also need your personal wit. You must use your weapons in such a way so as enemy objects could move from one hand, and from other hand, you must prevent them from spreading on the field and getting to your gates.

    Features of the game Towers Trap:
    • Look carefully at the objects. The ones which are not in squares – are enemy objects. You will also see flying objects among them. That’s why at the beginning you need to place regular gun machines and then you can use more powerful weapons.
    • Each object which entered your gates decreases your energy. You must also pay attention to the upper left and upper right corners.
    • Look at the lower right corner. Here you will find your weapons arsenal. It contains regular gun machines, impulse weapons, radar and others. From left to right – regular weapons and more powerful ones.
    • Four difficulty levels.
    Views: 64 929
    Popularity: 5 904
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