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Votes: 427
Set out for a fascinating adventure together with Tintin in the official game based on the film! You will play as Tintin, Snowy, Captain Addock, and sir Francis Addock and will search for legendary treasures, traveling along oceans, deserts and exotic cities. You will need to hide from the guards, cross swords, operate a plane, solve puzzles, ride camels and experience many other adventures.
Views: 255 360
Popularity: 50 996
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 371
Base Wars - dark knight is fighting on the streets of a big city against a dangerous gang. He applies unique technologies to get into the enemy den unnoticed.

Game features:

  • Limited ammunition
  • Engrossing story
  • Unique playing mechanics
Views: 73 802
Popularity: 19 838
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Votes: 210
Warspear Online – is a crossplatform mobile online game (MMORPG) for telephones. As soon as you enter this game you will plunge into unique playing world which has its own history, is full of adventures and game resources. Here you can communicate with the players from all over the world, you will meet new people, make new reliable friends which you can test during the battles.

Features of the game Warspear:
  • This is a classic fantasy genre game
  • Bright graphics and original playing world
  • Playing characters are not alike, you can change their characteristics and their appearance depending on the clothes you dress them in
  • Dynamic gameplay, which is based on the fascinating real time battles
  • You can carry on trade with other players
  • Communication through multiway game chat
  • You can create groups with other players in order to complete some certain game tasks
  • Playing world is available anywhere, it is mobile
Views: 129 702
Popularity: 18 834
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Votes: 176
This is a unique part of the game Grand Theft Auto Advance, which was released only on GBA. You will experience many interesting missions, which will tell you about the peculiarities of the previous parts of the GTA game (pursuits, fire exchange, car thefts, etc). The game offers top view, just like in GTA 2, but this makes the game even more exciting :) You will find many weapons, cars and other things in this game.
Views: 166 529
Popularity: 17 828
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Votes: 101
The main character of this game is a biker whose name is Ben, he is a leader of relatively uncriminal biker gang. Ben and his team meet Malcolm Corley in a local bar, the founder and the president of “Corley Motors”, the last motorbikes producer in the country. Corley and Adrian Ripburger, vice-president of the company, are going to the meeting of shareholders and ask Ben and his team to follow them to the destination point. Ben refuses and tells that they do not work for hire. Ripburger, who has his own plans as for the further development of the company, invites Ben to talk face to face. They leave the bar and Ripburger’s assistant stuns Ben, and locks him in the garbage container. Ripburger returns to the bar and persuades the other members of the gang that Ben agreed to accompany them and is already on his way. The others have nothing else to do but to accompany Malcolm Corley.
Views: 151 397
Popularity: 12 929
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 103
Let us introduce a multiplayer game TibiaMe!

The game allows hundreds of players from all over the world to explore the same world at the same time, cooperating with each other, fighting against monsters, improving their level, trading and doing many other things!
Views: 107 917
Popularity: 12 445
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3D   Adventure  
Votes: 204
Roy was destined to appear on the sandy island where there is a mysterious castle.
He can hear sound of steps and strange sounds which resemble howls of beasts while he is going from one room into another. But he can’t find anything so far and Roy decides to go deep into the room labyrinth to find the answer.

Features of the game Lament Island:

  • Fascinating mysterious gamestory
  • You can use camera and microphone to solve some riddles
  • Real visual effects, stereo sound effects and excellent 3D animation
  • Interactive 3D constructions
  • More than 20 levels which offer more than 50 different puzzles and riddles

    Who hides in the castle? Ghosts? Ancient Evil? You are going to find this out…
  • Views: 84 889
    Popularity: 9 840
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 53
    Zeus Quest - is a humorous game which is based on the ancient legends in which you help Zeus from Olympus to save the planet. This quest reflects a journey along the new land for Zeus and solving interesting puzzles. This beautifully drawn game with good sense of humor will gladden any owner of a smartphone!

    Features of the game Zeus Quest:
    • more than 50 different islands of Aegean Sea
    • lots of characters from the classical Greek mythology
    • mini games inside the main game
    • day and night switch
    • beautiful graphics
    Views: 41 887
    Popularity: 7 782
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 85
    You are a prisoner. You lost your memory after you received a serious blow to the head. Your feet smell... Your task is to escape from prison. This game supports 5 languages including Russian. You can continuously regulate the sound. The game requires logic and creative thinking!
    Views: 44 900
    Popularity: 7 762
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 47
    Lost in the Pyramid - is a quest in which you will play as Indiana Jones, a famous archeologist.
    You set out to find a lost pyramid of the Africa sands. You will need to solve several puzzles to reach your aim. You will take different decisions, search for and use different things, go through the labyrinths. Each correct move will bring you points. If the move is not correct – you will lose your life. This is a rather humorous game which will not let you feel bored.
    It will be difficult to play if you don’t speak English, but the intuition can still help.
    Views: 48 020
    Popularity: 7 408
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