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The Settlers – is a real time strategy game having a fascinating historical game story. It was released under the license from UbiSoft and produced by Gameloft. The explorers of new lands were wrecked near the lost island. They decided to settle there. Build a medieval city, develop it. Create your own economy, take advantage of the resources and develop crafts. But remember that you are not alone on that island! Citizens will have to reflect the attacks of Ragnok tyrant and his Vikings army.
Views: 231 260
Popularity: 17 778
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 159
«Revival» is a step by step strategy game of the military-constructive character in the best traditions of the game «Civilization» which is known all over the world. You are going to explore continents, fight for new areas on the ground and in the sea, build cities, develop science, supply economic balance of your empire.

Game features of Revival:

  • The game is made in best traditions of «Civilization» strategy game
  • Full-fledged strategy gameplay: step by step tactics, natural resources production, construction of cities, upgrade of buildings, growing skills of soldiers
  • Modern economic model: you can buy and sell anything
  • Limitless playing world: 7 planets, 27 continents
  • Campaigns with a plot for 13 missions, more than 40 playing hours
  • Detailed training campaign
  • Good sense of humor of the instructor
  • Developed artificial intelligence, you can choose the difficulty level, up to 7 computer enemies at the same time
  • Views: 134 275
    Popularity: 24 735
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 143
    Monopoly Classic - is a favorite game of millions of people all over the world, legendary monopoly game! Buy streets, build houses, hotels. Create your monopoly. HD quality of the game is a very pleasant bonus. This means that pictures will be clear and beautiful, the graphics is very good.

    A classic monopoly game for Symbian^3. It really engrosses! Everything is just like in your childhood, only that now you can play it on your smartphone. The advantages of this game are good design, nice melodic music, all actions of this game are animated and of course the gameplay by itself!
    Views: 88 958
    Popularity: 12 761
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 15
    Monopoly - create your business empire in this famous board game. Throw dice, move a chip and buy real estate. 6 opponents can take part in the game.
    Views: 22 687
    Popularity: 2 614
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 20
    This is the second part of a popular economics simulator of the airline management. More liners and routes, now you can build hotels, develop resorts and entertainment bussines.
    Views: 25 792
    Popularity: 3 032
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 67
    Plunge into the world of game about career, family and finance! Choose a car, a character and get ready to have ups and downs in The Game of Life. You can start with education as well as start working! It does not matter if you are a doctor or a rock star, your task is to live a good life and provide quiet old age. Remember: one incorrect cell and your future will be in ruins!
    Views: 47 095
    Popularity: 8 435
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Logic   Board   Economic  
    Votes: 55
    From now on the whole world can take part in one of the most popular mobile board games! Millions of people voted for the greatest cities on our planet and now you have a chance to visit all these cities and make a fortune with the help of your businessman talent.
    Learn lots of interesting things about different countries from the cards “Chance” and “Public treasury” and admire new pieces, houses and hotels!
    Views: 41 025
    Popularity: 6 848
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 2
    Uncharted waters - you play as a captain of a ship and you can deal with trade, piracy, research, and treasure hunting. The events of the game take place in the 16th century.

    Game features:

    • Open world
    • Not linear completion of the game available
    • 3 nations
    Views: 11 382
    Popularity: 253
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 16
    Theme park - you are going to construct your own amusement park. But you need not just build but also make your creation a successful one to avoid bankrupsy.

    Game features:

    • You can change general speed of the game
    • 3 game modes: sand box, sim and full simulator
    • Developed economical constituent
    Views: 26 767
    Popularity: 3 170
    Download free sis games for Symbian.
    Votes: 10
    Empereur - choose your favorite epoch and build your fantastic empire. Develop strategies, improve relations with other countries. Buy food, medicines, weapon. Seize territories and conquer states.

    Game features:

    • 4 game scenarios
    • Well crafted economics
    • Based on real historical events
    Views: 15 729
    Popularity: 673
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