Here you can download best Gambling games for Symbian. Symbian is one of the oldest and the most popular mobile platforms that's why we have tons of sis files. And the main thing that all content is totally free! Any mobile game can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Gambling Symbian games for phones are added daily to our collection.
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 22
Welcome to virtual Las Vegas! Now you can play your favorite games in smartphone. There are many games available: blackjack, roulette, various slot machines and many other games and their variations. Beautiful 3D graphics and animation will diversify the paying process. The game offers detailed statistics for each game and online competitions. And also many other interesting things!
Views: 22 693
Popularity: 5 004
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 31
Prepare your money for a dangerous game on board of a pirates’ ship! You were offered to play blackjack game somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean sea in the hold of a pirates ship. Play otherwise you risk to become a breakfast for sharks! Victory is for brave guys only!
Views: 23 302
Popularity: 4 461
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 23
This is a funny cards game. You need to be quick and attentive to win in this game. It will be more and more difficult with every new level. This is a Flash game!
Views: 27 436
Popularity: 4 536
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 15
Kout – is a Near-Eastern cards game. It has several modes (for beginners and experts). The game offers excellent HD graphics. The game rules can be found in the application (some people might feel disappointed that they are in English)!
Views: 15 783
Popularity: 1 238
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 22
Pishti - is one of popular cards game of Asia Minor. The game involves a set of 52 cards. There are two players, as a rule. This is an interesting, engrossing game for those who like cards games.
Views: 13 819
Popularity: 2 008
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 48
Fruit pleasure for the fans of slot machines! The player will need to turn discs with fruits and different things which look exactly like the ones from the slot machines! Make combinations of identical fruits!
Views: 47 549
Popularity: 7 616
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 29
Video Poker Touch – is a poker for touch sensitive smartphones in which joker is always in the game and can substitute one of the cards in the combination. Your task is to make the best combination of the cards. All possible combinations and the rewards for them are described in the upper part of the screen, above the playing field.
Views: 29 506
Popularity: 5 493
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 53
Astraware company presents a real mobile casino! It includes 11 world popular casino games such as Texas Hold 'Em Poker, roulette, slot machines, BlackJack and others.

Features of the game Casino:
  • Detailed instruction with the rules to each game
  • Low bets at the beginning of the game (for careful people and beginners)
  • Lots of rewards for achievements
Views: 39 706
Popularity: 11 912
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 18
This is a changed poker game. You need to make the types of cards: 2 pairs (2 + 2); 3 types (3); Full House (3 + 2); 4 types (4).

Main features of Croker game:
  • 16-bit crystal clear graphics
  • Full screen mode
  • Speed control
  • 5 ways for navigation support
  • Marks export to the Internet
Views: 11 343
Popularity: 1 341
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Votes: 54
The developers of this game included in it 12 different kinds of solitaires! Each of them has a small instruction which will make the game easier to understand.
It must be mentioned that game has excellent 3D graphics and sound.
Views: 47 740
Popularity: 13 459
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