Here you can download best Strategy games for Symbian. Symbian is one of the oldest and the most popular mobile platforms that's why we have tons of sis files. And the main thing that all content is totally free! Any mobile game can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Strategy Symbian games for phones are added daily to our collection.
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Added: 03-04-2012
Votes: 34
Snails is a clone of famous and loved by many players game Worms. This game is not less interesting than Worms and somewhere even more bright!

Features of this game:
  • 3 races of snails
  • 25 types of weapons
  • 10 difficulty modes
  • Crazy sound effects
  • 4 game modes
Views: 22 119
Popularity: 2 632
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-25-2012
Votes: 49
The task of this game is very simple: you need to create troubles for enemies which try to seize your headquarters. Place units to prevent enemies invasion.
The genre of this game reminds the one of popular Tower Defence!
Views: 29 991
Popularity: 3 649
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-10-2012
Votes: 31
This is a fascinating strategy game Mine Siege, in which you will have to protect precious mines from continuous attacks of enemy soldiers and this is not that easy. You will have four main towers each having two upgrade affiliates, which will make them much stronger. You need to place your towers according to some strategy, so as bugs couldn’t pass by and every bug was destroyed by your tower. Become a strategist for a while and reflect the attacks of bugs.
Views: 28 327
Popularity: 3 148
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-29-2011
Votes: 37
Crimson Fields - is an interesting strategy for Maemo communicators, in which two warring parties will need to fulfill different missions on the map of hexagons (they will protect important objects and destroy the opponents).
Views: 44 730
Popularity: 3 106
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 10-06-2011
Votes: 344
Everybody knows Worms game. Warmux - is worms in the original style for Symbian (the only difference is that in this game you will observe different heroes instead of worms). Equip yourself and attack! Huge weapons arsenal. Beautiful graphics, many levels, you can change any settings from music to graphics and of course your favorite gameplay are waiting for you!
Views: 154 817
Popularity: 30 263
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 09-29-2011
Votes: 38
As soon as you start this game, you appear in the world of Far East. This is a real time strategy game. The design of the game is of the greatest interest. It is made in style of the main theme. There is only one level in this game. You must seize the fortifications of your opponent and hold them for a long time. You can try yourself as a general in different types of troops. You need to apply different military tricks and apply a certain strategy to win in this game.
Views: 27 721
Popularity: 2 124
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 09-25-2011
Votes: 34
Resco Defender — is a real time strategy game. Your aim is to defend the fortress from the enemy attacks contsructing defense towers and creating labyrinths in which enemy is going to find his death.

Features of the game Resco Defender:
  • Isometric graphics
  • VGA, QVGA and square-display support
  • 100 game levels
  • 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Middle, Difficult and Continuous)
  • Many types of enemies
  • 10 types of defense towers.
Views: 27 781
Popularity: 2 699
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 09-13-2011
Votes: 48
The events take place in the future when the humanity consumed all mineral resources of the Earth. Fortunately the scientists opened new type of energy which is based on the reaction of 4 chemical elements. There are lots of these elements on the recently discovered planet. Four countries divided the far planet into even sectors, but every nation has the advanced technology which allows working in a proper way only with one of the elements and as the result the far planet turned into a battle field for the energy!
Views: 25 532
Popularity: 2 600
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 08-30-2011
Votes: 321
You have a chance to play Farm Frenzy 2 game in high quality! This is the continuation of the hit with funny graphics and nice gameplay. Feed hens, water grass and collect eggs and then sell everything at the market. For the money earned you can buy additional buildings and produce food and half-finished products. Watch the bears which attack your farm, otherwise you will not get fresh milk and eggs.

Features of the game Farm Frenzy 2:
  • 5 additional ingredients to be bought at the city market
  • four kinds of animals
  • 12 types of buildings (3 levels of upgrade)
  • 16 products which can be received
  • 19 prizes for your work
  • Four additional buildings with three upgrades for each
Views: 190 897
Popularity: 55 646
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 07-31-2011
Votes: 41
So, what is the idea of this game? In the original Transport Tycoon you needed to build your transportation corporation which would give you some income. The game starts in 1950, and ends in 2050. Till that time you were supposed to earn as much money as possible. Available transportation means: road transportation, railway transportation, water and air transportation. During the game you will get chance to unblock new vehicles and resources. The cities will be developing; industrial complexes will appear and disappear. Well, everything is just like in real life – life goes on and your task is to create a transportation system which will bring maximum money.
Views: 39 398
Popularity: 4 004
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