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Here you can find free Online games for Symbian 9.3 - S60 3rd FP2. Any sis game can be included into several categories and have several features.
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Added: 08-09-2014
Votes: 3
The Newzealand story - help a kiwi nestling to free his friends. The hero is armed with a bow and arrows. He must avoid numerous traps, defeat enemies and collect different useful bonuses.
Views: 1928
Popularity: 93
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 07-28-2014
Votes: 3
Mega Turrican - control a powerful fighting robot having different equipment and protect the planet from the powers of Dark. Destroy your enemies and look for the hiding places with new weapons in order to upgrade your robot.
Views: 3160
Popularity: 204
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 07-26-2014
Votes: 2
Firepower 2000 - you play as a pilot of a helicopter who was sent to destroy a secret military base. The base is guarded by a robotized machinery. The helicopter is equipped with different weapons, you can switch one weapon to another.
Views: 2077
Popularity: 109
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 07-23-2014
Votes: 1
Mega Bomberman - blow up your enemies with the help of bombs while completing numerous levels. Pick up eggs which produce kangaroos. You will move faster in case you ride a kangaroo.
Views: 2844
Popularity: 350
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-21-2013
Votes: 38
This game resembles Minecraft and Worms, it allows to destroy the entire map completely. The aim is to destroy the opponent shooting at him from the cannon and taking into account wind direction and other factors. There is also online game.

Views: 30485
Popularity: 2758
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-02-2012
Votes: 17
Turn your smartphone into a magnetic board available for other people through Internet. Make words of the magnetic letters and watch the others doing the same.
Views: 9115
Popularity: 963
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 09-28-2012
Votes: 39
Try to leave your opponents behind in 6 beautiful 3D worlds, collect bonuses and improvements. You can play this game online with real opponents.
Views: 33586
Popularity: 7316
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 06-10-2012
Votes: 10
Put three and more identical stones in a line to make them disappear. This is a bright puzzle on the territory of the Roman Empire!
Views: 13710
Popularity: 2975
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 06-07-2012
Votes: 23
Move the diamonds in order to get 3 or more same colored pieces in a vertical or horizontal line.
Your task is to defeat your opponent, taking 45% of the playing field. Captured zone is identified according to the color, each has his own.

Views: 21321
Popularity: 5252
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 04-25-2012
Votes: 25
Hinter Wars: The Aterian Invasion is a game in which you can communicate with other players online, admire beautiful graphics, fight against other characters of the game, make your character better and stronger. All this can be done with the help of your smartphone.

At the beginning of the game you will choose a race, tinker with your character and set off to the city. You can buy weapons and armor, get a quest, go and kill mobs and move in the galaxy space. Each race has its own peculiarities, skills and weapons.
There are two different kinds of chat in the game: regular and private. Variety of landscapes and monsters will also gladden you.

Views: 30843
Popularity: 2169
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