Here you can download best Board games for Symbian. Symbian is one of the oldest and the most popular mobile platforms that's why we have tons of sis files. And the main thing that all content is totally free! Any mobile game can be included into several sections and have several features. Best Board Symbian games for phones are added daily to our collection.
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-02-2011
Votes: 78
This is a fascinating quiz based on the popular cyber action film Tron Legacy. In this game you will need to find a certain place!
Views: 48 687
Popularity: 4 567
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 11-18-2011
Votes: 26
Classic chess, virtual chess board and two people which want to compete in this logic tournament. To set the time of the game, turn the figure disc of chess clock when you start. The game offers hints in order to play according to the rules!
Views: 30 606
Popularity: 6 854
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 11-10-2011
Votes: 46
Chess Genius - is one of the best chess game for Symbian smartphones. The game has simple and understandable interface. There are 30 difficulty levels, hint option, position settings and visual settings.
Views: 46 669
Popularity: 13 460
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 11-08-2011
Votes: 27
This is a beautiful and at the same time very easy version of such board game as checkers. The game has such nice features as well developed artificial intellect and also game through Bluetooth! Start with the beginner’s level and go up on the multilevel ladder till you reach expert’s level.
Views: 27 272
Popularity: 7 584
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Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 10-19-2011
Votes: 20
This is a variation of Pachisi board game. The aim of the player is to be the first who moves all four pieces from the entrance point to his house. Cute animation and easy game rules will not leave you indifferent!
Views: 11 127
Popularity: 1 225
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 10-18-2011
Votes: 26
This is a rather good mobile version of backgammon board game.

Features of the game Limited Backgammon Pro II:
  • game against computer or against real player
  • multiplayer game through Bluetooth or SMS
  • advanced intellect, several levels of intellect
  • moves cancellation;
Views: 35 098
Popularity: 8 065
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 10-13-2011
Votes: 24
Gomoku (is also known as Five or Renju) is a traditional Chinese board game. It is a very popular game for two players. Your task is to get a continuous line of five stones faster than your opponent (the lines can be diagonal, vertical and horizontal). The players take turns in placing the stones. The winner is the one who made a line of five stones first.
Views: 11 939
Popularity: 1 881
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 10-07-2011
Votes: 140
Chess Classics - is a classic chess game with beautiful design and 3D chess board. You can also play against the real opponents through the Internet.

Chess game has never been so easy and funny to play! Touch intuitive operation will plunge you into the game, your moves are very similar to the moves in real game. Move the figures with your fingers just as if you were playing on a real chess board.

Features of Chess Classics:
  • 3D graphics
  • lots of settings
  • high quality sound effects
Views: 65 849
Popularity: 19 790
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 09-20-2011
Votes: 60
These are the only checkers of this kind for Symbian, which offer giveaway checkers and Russian rules. The game supports more than 10 types of checkers including American, international, Italian and Russian checkers with more than 20 levels. You can play against the computer or against the other player in the same device.
Views: 42 359
Popularity: 16 614
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 08-12-2011
Votes: 43
This is a traditional board checkers game. Play with each other in the two players mode or against the computer.
Views: 37 418
Popularity: 12 156
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