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Added: 01-18-2013
Votes: 43
Underground at vBag emulator – means high quality races. Here you will observe different models of Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda. Quick Race mode offers four types of races: Circuit, Sprint, Drag и Drift. Circuit – is a ring road race which consists of several rounds. Sprint – is a race for speed from A destination point to B destination point. Drag is a mode for professionals. The idea is to become the first of the sprint and reach maximum acceleration. Drift is also a mode not for the beginners, in which you will have to master such interesting method as sliding. The higher the speed of the controlled sideslip is, the more points you get. The winner is the one who gets more points. Physics of the game is not perfect, but there are many car settings, more powerful engine allows to drive really fast , tires are of better quality. The feeling of speed is really good.
Views: 38 117
Popularity: 3 056
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-15-2013
Votes: 28
A policeman, who works under cover penetrates into Chicago criminal group, which has a certain reputation in the American megalopolis. Syndicate controls all illegal business, including such favorite deeds of the dark individuals as hijacks, bank robberies and of course a compulsory attribute – taking hostages and demanding money for them.
The main aim of the game is to stop bandits at any price, by any means. Police agent has a big park of stolen cars at his disposal, different kinds of weapons, criminals support, plus your quick wit and ability to control any critical situation.
Views: 22 733
Popularity: 2 320
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-03-2013
Votes: 16
This is a first person action. The plot is simple: you walk along a certain base, kill bad guys, save people. This game will help to kill some time. Personaly I liked the first person view, that’s why I took this game.
Views: 9 143
Popularity: 302
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-03-2013
Votes: 125
Here is the second part of a role play game, only that there is no tournament in it. Your hero (heroine) enjoys peaceful life of Craftknight in the village, but he (she) meets Stray Summon Creature (Summon Beast without master), who will become your partner on the way of saving the world. This part offers a little bit changed way of weapons crafting (there are 5 of them, not taking into account the hammer). You can also change weapons in order to eliminate obstacles on the field of location examination. There appeared sub-quests (for example collecting medals and search for a cat), and the main thing is that you can transform the main character into a more powerful fighter – Edge Fencer.
Views: 8 006
Popularity: 439
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 01-02-2013
Votes: 32
V-Rally 3 – is an excellent rally racing simulator, which allows to enjoy driving fast cars in arcade style as well under the conditions of real physics imitation.
These are super 3D races from ATAPI company! It is a real pleasure to play this game!
Views: 40 681
Popularity: 5 324
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 33
As Quan Chi is trying to escape from Scorpio through the portal from Hell, he found an ancient tomb with mummies of invincible army of the King Dragon, the first emperor of the External World. The magician understands that he can become invincible if he resurrects that army. To do that he needs to places the souls of the dead warriors into the mummies. He can do this with the help of another magician, whose name is Shang Tsung. The latter agrees under the condition that he will get eternal youth and immortality. This is how Deadly alliance appeared. Before bringing their plans into life, the magicians decide to remove those, who can interfere with their plans. Their first aim was the emperor of the External World Shao Kahn. Having found the emperor in his palace, they swore allegiance to him. But that was only diversionary tactics. They killed the emperor as soon as they got a chance to do that. After that the magicians got to the Earth through a secret portal. There was a man, who was the greatest danger for the magicians. His name was Lui Kang, he was a champion of the Deadly Battle. Though Shang Tsung was losing a battle, but with the help of Quan Chi he succeeded to get a victory. Shang Tsung killed Lui Kang and revenged for his defeat in the tenth tournament taking his soul. Now nothing can prevent the magicians from completing their plans, they go back to the External World and start to resurrect the army of the King Dragon. At that time, Raiden, protector-god of the Earth, who refused of his status of the Elder God, gathers the alliance of the best warriors in order to stop the Deadly Alliance.
Views: 32 403
Popularity: 4 454
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-29-2012
Votes: 22
Crazy Taxi - is a game about a taxi driver, passengers, who need to get to the most distant points of the city at minimum time and timer, that cannot be stopped. Absolute chaos in the streets, crazy taxi driver, who gets the crazy passengers to the destination point at crazy speed – what can be more interesting? The world of fast cars, exotic cities and quick money is waiting for you!
Views: 17 659
Popularity: 2 546
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-27-2012
Votes: 39
Serious Sam Advance - is a first person shooter, in which brave Sam goes back to the faraway past.
It is the year of 2014. The aliens attacked the planet, humanity cannot protect its planet. An intricate plan was made to avoid a disaster. Sam is sent to the past by means of Time Machine, he is followed by the army of aggressors. Ancient Rome and Egypt turned into a battle field. The battle has started! Hordes of monsters want to kill Sam, but he also dreams to destroy them.
The players are going to complete twelve big levels and destroy a huge army of enemies. To complete this difficult mission, you will be offered ten types of weapons, among which you will find really destructive pieces.
Views: 34 733
Popularity: 3 773
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-26-2012
Votes: 24
Super hero Crash Bandicoot bursts into the world of big-time sport. In this game he will try to win the races, competing for victory with his friends and with his former enemies from Cortex gang and galaxy emperor Velo!

Racing cars are equipped with quick acceleration systems and can gather really high speed. Different types of weapons will help to destroy careless opponents, which will give you lots of fun. You will also find many sharp turns with trampolines and bonuses on the road, which will not let you feel bored till the very end of the game!
Views: 18 161
Popularity: 2 617
Download free sis games for Symbian.
Added: 12-21-2012
Votes: 12
The main character of the game operates a helicopter and gets various tasks. In fact this is an arcade shooter. In spite of the fact that the actions are often monotonous and might seem dull, this is a very fascinating game, in which much depends on your reaction and ability to shoot fast and accurate.
Views: 10 079
Popularity: 633
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